Online Learning and Polymer Clay

We had a great online meeting on May 17th with 18 people attending, sharing and socializing.  Sherman Oberson recommended that the guild purchase a professional version of Zoom so we could stay online for more than 40 minutes at a time and it worked perfectly.
Sherman asks that if anyone with information on online art or polymer-related classes, to drop him a line at and he will get it into the next newsletter.  If you do not currently get the newsletter, drop Sherman a line and he will add your email to the list.  That way, you will be sure to have the log in for the June 21 and July 19 Zoom meetings.
Anyone want to do a demo?  Maybe we can figure out a way to start doing that soon,
In the meantime,   Skillshare has a lot of   polymer demo offerings including one on how to make gemstone sculptures that looks very interesting.  Skillshare has free classes and paid classes.  Get more information here.
Craftcast is offering some free videos here.  Wubbers, the jewelry tool and pliers maker, is offering some free classes on Facebook here.
I set up a YouTube Channel for the guild some years ago and it has some original content.  The problem is, I totally forgot the log in and password.  Google is no help because they can’t confirm that my email address is really my email address.  And then they started sending me recovery information in French.  At first, they gave me the option to translate the instructions but then they stopped doing even that.  And their Capchas should have been outlawed by the Geneva Convention.
So I am in the process of creating a new guild YouTube channel which will contain the old content plus some new playlists.   Google does not make it easy.
Until that is up and running, which quite frankly could be never thanks to the knuckleheads at Google,  I will try to share news of new videos on the blog.
Here are some more links to online art classes. free art classes
For teaching artists, workshops
There was a post on Polymer Clay Daily a few days ago on how an artist named Mindy Meyers was using her time spent at home because of the pandemic to work her way through Lindly and Maggie’s Polymer Clay Inspirations book.   This is a very good idea and now you have time to do it.  I plowed my way through all the exercises some years ago and posted the results on my blog.  You can see the results here.
I just checked the price on Amazon and the prices are outrageous but you can get a Kindle copy for $12.99.  Barnes and Nobel says they have it for $13.99.  
Shop around.  You probably have a copy already.
Have fun and see you in June!

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