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Join Julie Eakes on the Silk Road This Weekend!


The Guild is excited to announce its first master class in a long while.  This Saturday, the  talented Julie Eakes will teach her class on Silk Road pins this (June 18) and join us as a guest artist for our  monthly meeting on Sunday June 19.

Where: Sydney Hillman building, second floor
22 S. 22nd street Phila. Pa. 19103

From Julie about the class:

My “Silk Road” series of jewelry gives the feeling of vintage object. In this one day class students will create a pin in this style using color, surface techniques, textures and cane work.


Master class with Julie Eakes June 18- Silk Road pins.  Class starts at 10:00 am
June Meeting with Guest Artist Julie Eakes – June 19.  Meeting starts at 10:00 am

Where: Sydney Hillman building, second floor – 22 S. 22nd street Phila. Pa. 19103

Cost to attend: Master class – $ 110

Cost to attend Sunday meeting with Julie as  guest artist- $20 (the guest artist meeting is free if you sign up for the master class)

Reminder – changes in the works
Starting in September we are eliminating using meetup.com and switching back to membership dues of $40 dollars a year.  Until September meetings with no guest artist will be $5 and meetings with a guest artist will be $20. 
We are in the process of updating the blog and calendar and will be posting updates there and on our facebook page. 


Clayathon Day 2: Alev Gonozar, Guest Artist


They say that a picture is worth  thousand words.  It certainly is in the case of Turkish artist Alev Gonozar who uses polymer in her sculpture and installations.

Alev gave an revealing talk about the evolution of her work, her creative process and  the challenges she has faced in doing large installations and commissions for building projects.


Take a look at the gallery of here work here.



An Interview with Lisa Clarke

pdclrc01Ok, ok, it took me all year to get to this, but here it is.  Thanks  Sue and Lisa!   Don’t forget to check out Lisa’s web site,  Polka Dot Cottage.  It’s loaded with good stuff.

Bonnie Bishoff Coming in September!

Are you ready to start off your 2013/2014 PAPCG year with a rare and fantastic claying experience? If so, sign up now for Bonnie Bishop’s Saturday, September 21st, 2013 one- day workshop, and don’t miss Bonnie’s Sunday, Sept. 22nd FREE -TO-GUILD-MEMBERS-ONLY Guest Artist Demos.

Bonnie has been pushing the polymer envelope since 1987, winning dozens of awards, featured in articles, and exhibiting in major museums for the fine studio furniture she with her woodworking partner J.J. Syron. She rarely teaches her unique polymer techniques to guilds. We are fortunate to have her share her talents with us for two days in September.

During Bonnie’s Saturday workshop she will teach the “marquetry” techniques she uses to create large and small veneers polymer clay for jewelry and furniture.

Students will explore these techniques by creating a series of 4 small marquetry tiles or pins and will explore progressively more complex techniques with each pin or tile. Students will learn how to achieve definition in the imagery and then to create designs that have depth and overlap, foreground and background. Bonnie will address creating large and small surfaces, applications in furniture and jewelry, firing techniques, adhesives, finishing and inspirations

Here’s what Bonnie tells us about her Sunday Guest Artist Demonstrations:
“I will discuss and demonstrate the use of translucent-based cane layering to create luminous depth and lacy detail on both small and large work. Based on the groundwork of my marquetry techniques I will give specific instruction on process, cane building and provide a boat load of samples to discuss and explore. Bring scrap clay, white, translucent and your favorite colors so we can experiment .

Having studied under Bonnie for several days in Maine last summer, I can assure you that you’ll learn a great deal from Bonnie and be inspired by both her work and her warm personality. Sunday will NOT be a repetition of Saturday, so you won’t want to miss either day’s teaching. Take a look at web site
J.M. Syron & Bonnie Bishoff and I think you’ll agree.

Arlene Groch

More Show and a Little Tell

We keep hearing that artists should develop a personal style, but the details of how that’s done are often vague and ethereal. So we were fortunate to have Kathleen Dustin as our Guest Artist at Sunday’s meeting. She spoke and used slides to tell us the story of how she developed her style  and gave us a mini story of her life in the process.  Of course the pictures were beautiful and the talk was fascinating.  This meeting was open to our membership at no extra cost.

Kathleen  came to the guild earlier in the week to teach a two-day master class on building vessels.

The show and tell pictures have some of the projects students made during the class and  other items.

Tell us YOUR Story at out Meeting on Sunday

Our Members Only meeting next Sunday will not be held at our usual location. Instead we will be meeting downstairs in the Griffin Room of the First Unitarian Church at 2125 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. Look for the red balloons marking the entrance on Van Pelt Street near Chestnut to enter the Church. As always the meeting starts at 10 AM.

Our Guest Artist, Kathleen Dustin, will be giving a slide presentation on her personal journey as a polymer clay artist. One of her iconic polymer clay purses is featured below. Please plan to arrive on time as her presentation will be early in the day. Guest Artist meetings are members only, so be sure your dues are paid ($40). If not you can pay on our website or see Emily or Eileen to pay at the meeting.

Our own member experts will be rounding out the day with a Round Table Discussion on topics including making an internet presence, selling your work, and even some unusual directions your artwork can take you. (Hey, we have authors, a television star and folks who have been involved with commercial polymer clay production in our group!) Bring your own expertise (as well as business cards and a notebook to take notes!) to the discussion and we will all grow along our artistic journey together.

This is a Travel Light meeting (due to stairs and the format.) That means leave your clay gear home, but DO bring your Show and Tell that tells a story about your personal artistic journey. Early work, items from classes along the ways, inspirational pieces and even ones that didn’t seem so successful at the time are a good place to start.

This is your chance to tell us YOUR story and we can’t wait to hear it.


Edited to Add:  In case you did not realize, AIDSWalk Philly is this Sunday, too.  This will mean street closures, more traffic, and less available parking.  Please plan accordingly.

What Barbara McGuire Taught as a Guest Artist


When  ARTSY.SCIENCY  put out the call for the handout that Barbara McGuire provided when she taught her distinctive mokume gane technique as part of the guild’s Guest Artist program, I got to thinking.  And that’s always dangerous.   The handout was only for people who were paid members at the time of the workshop as was ARTSY.SCIENCY and, to paraphrase,  her “peeps came through.”

But it’s such a great technique that I found Barbara’s short demo video and  put it on the Guild’s YouTube channel   And while I was doing that, what to my wondering eyes should appear but this new DVD!  Click on the image for ordering information.    Thank you A.S for the inspiration!



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