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Clayathon is Coming

The holidays over and the dark frigid days of January have descended and parked themselves at our doors for a few bitterly cold weeks.

But behind the facade of ice, snow, and despair, Arlene Groch and her Polymer Army are working like nervous beavers to make Clayathon 2018 a reality.

If winter’s here, can Clayathon be far behind? (Apologies to all the usual suspects.) 

Here are some pictures to tide you over.



Welcome to Our Blog and Website

We have so much great information on the Blog that it is now our front page! Scroll down the page to read the posts from the Guild Reporter.

We have a new meeting place, Blue Santa Beads in Media, PA.

We meet the third Sunday of each month at  Blue Santa Beads, 1165 West Baltimore Pike, Media, PA 19063.   348sBlue Santa owner Sara Caldwell kindly volunteered her wonderful shop. The shop has a parking lot parking and is easy to get to by car or public transit.  Get directions here.

We have a new web address, too!   It’s the same blog and website, but our new address is Phillypolymerclayguild.com.

Go to our Welcome Page to learn more about us and how to contact us. Follow this link to the FAQ file for everything you need to know about our meetings.

Enjoy the most up to date news on the blog, or check out the rest of the site. Hope to see you at a meeting soon!

No Meeting in November

The bad news-we will not be having our previously-scheduled November 19th meeting.  This is a busy time of year for most of us and our plans for a demo and a meeting simply fell apart.  We are always looking for people to volunteer to organize meetings and to demo.  If you are interested, please leave a comment and maybe we can pull off a meeting in January

The good news is that the newest issue of The Polymer Arts  came out today and look whose work is on the cover: Emily Squires Levine !  And I had the good fortune to interview Emily (who lives within walking distance of my house) and write the article. If you can’t wait for your printed copy, you can order a digital issue here.



Into The Forest Opens This Friday


Into The Forest,  the long-awaited collaborative polymer installation spearheaded by Laura Tabakman,  Julie Eakes and Philadelphia’s own Emily Squires Levine.  opens this Friday at the Spinning Plates Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA. 

I can scarcely believe that it’s been more than a year since Laura announced the project at EuroSynergy in July, 2016 and requested contributions from the polymer  community.  They responded with enthusiasm: polymer artists from 27 countries around the world and 37 States around the US sent  an abundance of hand-fabricated floral and faunal elements inspired by their geographically-diverse environments.  It is a celebration of diversity and unity. A virtual global forest.

Into The Forest had its first public showing in Philadelphia as part of a larger “Constructing Organics” show which ran at the Park Town Place Gallery from September 2 to December 30, 2016.    Emily, Laura and Julie have spent  this past year working…

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In November

There are a lot of things of interest happening in November.


Terri Powell (ArtSci Designs ) is showing at the Dominion Hills Fall Craft Show, Arlington, VA on November 4.   For more information, press here.




Into The Forest opens in Pittsburgh on November 10.  For more information press here.

The regularly scheduled guild meeting is November 15.  The Demo artist informed us she is not available until January.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Liz Swartz and Denise Pettit  are showing at the Haverford Guild of Craftsmen Holiday Show on November 18 and 19.  For more information, press here.

A Riff on Maggie’s Necklace at the Next Meeting

Our next meeting is October 15 from   10am-4pm  at the Hillman Apartment building  22 S. 22nd street  Take the to the second floor,  make a right and go through the rec. room to the union hall.  Liz Schwartz will be demonstrating a bracelet making technique that she describes as  “a riff on Maggie Maggio’s split ring chain necklace, these bracelets are simple and versatile. They can be made in different sizes and covered, carved, colored. Well, you can see where we’re going here… sky’s the limit. Very comfortable to wear, too.
E_Swartz_140.JPGBring your clay supplies and something for show and tell.

Textures! Textures! Textures!

Our next meeting is Sunday, September 17 and the  theme is, you guessed it, Textures!  We’ll demo how to make your own texture plates,stamps and texture wheels. After lunch we’ll use all the textures we created in a variety of ways. Bring your favorite texture sheets, stamps and cutters and some scrap clay to play along. Don’t forget show and tell as well.

When: Sunday September 17th 10am-4pm
Where: Sydney hillman 22 S. 22nd street
Second floor, make a right and go through the rec. room to the union hall.image1

Future Meetings

October 15: Liz Schwartz demos bracelets

November 19: Gloria Davis demos paper clay

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