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Sherman in a Landslide

The Philadelphia Guild’s very own Sherman Oberson  recently became  President of the American Regional Board of the International Polymer Clay Association.  Congratulations Sherman!  Sherman is also President of our local guild and one of the forces behind Clayathon which had a record 80+ attendees this year.  When he is not teaching polymer clay classes  at one of the many  art centers around Philadelphia,  Sherman  is busy consulting and designing for Penn State Industries who chose him to help them expand their marketing reach from wood crafts to polymer clay.  

Sherman’s work is pretty spectacular too.  To have a look, press here and here.  

Here is a video Sherman made for Penn State Industries. 





We Have a YouTube Channel!

To go to our YouTube channel, click here.  We’ll be featuring our own  videos and playlists of  videos from around YouTube.   

Press here to see a video from our April 2012 meeting.


Stay tuned . . .


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