Clayathon 2015 – DEMOS

Welcome Clayathoners! We will be posting information you need to know to make the most of your Clayathon 2015 here as well as on our Facebook Page.  Our main topic here are the planned demos!

Look below for the schedule for the demos, which are, of course, subject to change.  You will find that impromptu demos pop up, so watch your email, the sign by the door and listen for announcements. Here are some of the demos you can expect to find at the Clayathon as well as any special materials you should bring to participate.

  • Sculpting 101 with Sherman – bring your hands and some clay!
  • Wirework with Denise Peck – bring 18 & 20 ga wire, chainnose, round nose pliers and flush cutters.  An emery board or file to smooth rough edges of the wire is useful as well.
  • Mokume Gane with Inks and Foils  with Robin Milne – Bring translucent clay, inks and imitation leaf
  • Silk Screening on Polymer Clay – Round Table Demo and Discussion with the Experts: Arlene, Joyce, Karen and Martha will show you the basics and beyond in this versatile surface technique.  You will need acrylic paints.  Joyce and Karen will have silk screens for sale.
  • Free Form Vessels with Nan Josephson – Basic Clay tools, an extruder (if at all possible) and 3-5 clay colors to make a palette with which to work.  Small cookie cutters are useful to bring as well.
  • Kumihimo with Leslie Rogalski – Make your own beaded cords to display your polymer creations.  Leslie will have Kumihimo supplies for sale (Disk=$5, bobbins=$5, rope kit=$35 includes beads, cord, findings., step by step tutorial.)
  • Resin Basics with Diane Hulse – Diane will show us how to use inexpensive hardware store epoxy resin.  Materials you need to work along:  Devcon Home “2 Ton Epoxy” (Found in hardware stores; $10-15, depending upon where purchased), Protective gear: gloves, newspaper/table cover, waxed paper, disposable scoops and stirrers (straws and toothpicks!), inclusions/colorants (glitter, images, paints, powders and inks), bezels or molds, masking tape
  • Emily’s Favorite Canes – Accomplished Polymer artist Emily Squires Levine will demonstrate some of her favorite canes used in her award winning vessels – basic tools and clay
  • Bargello with Arlene – Arlene demos her technique for Bargello canes along with a Pinterest presentation on Bargello and Pandorification of canes. – basic tools and clay

The schedule for DEMOS:

4:00 – Mandatory Safety Demo for Simmons Slicer (if you plan to use it for thin cane slices)
10:30  –  Guest artist demo.                         Alev
 2:00.  – Free form vessels.                          Nan Josephson
 3:00.  – Sculpting 101.                                 Sherman
 4:00.  – Mokume Gane w ink & foil.          Robin
5:00-     Something Amazing                     Melanie West
10:30. –  Guest artist demo.                               Alev
 2:00   –  Kumihimo                                            Leslie Rogalski
 3:00.  –  Ear wires & clasps.                             Denise Peck
 4:00.  –  Silk screening Basics and Beyond  Arlene, Joyce, Karen & Martha
10:00. –  Guest artist demo.                     Alev
 11:00. –  Resin                                           Diane Hulse


10:00  Emily’s Favorite Canes

11:00 Organic Cane Philosophy and Color Mixing

Have something you want to share? To schedule your demo send Susan an email at with:

  • The topic of your planned demo
  • Amount of time you will need
  • Your preferred time to demo as well as any times you are NOT available
  • Any special materials or items folks might need if they want to try it for themselves

Susan is sitting by her inbox, so don’t let her down. You can also find her at the Clayathon if you come up with a last minute idea.   Start planning your demo today

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